Become A Splash
Become A Splash

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have your own car wash, but are hesitant because of the competition or the unknown? Splash offers three different levels of involvement designed to maximize your investment and relieve you of the day-to-day grind of operating a car wash on your own.

#1 Invest in an existing Splash

Splash is currently looking to expand in some of its existing markets as there now exists great potential to gain market share. This is similar to the strategy pursued in Fairfield County during the early 2000's. Splash will renovate existing sites with good "bones" that are in need of a facelift. With the introduction of Splash's training, systems and marketing, Splash will re-open the car washes as "new" offerings to the market to realize the inherent potential in these sites. Splash currently has locations with complete plans ready for your consideration.


What better way to invest in Splash then to jump on board in a location that has already proven itself. Although many don't get a chance to invest in Splash this way, the right investor at the right time can reduce risk when Splash offers this kind of investment opportunity.

#2 Invest in a New Splash

Splash is constantly searching for new opportunities, including existing car wash operations and ground up projects. Splash negotiates the acquisition, oversees the design and layout of the property, handles the construction management, and ultimately manages the site under the Splash Brand.


You can be a part of a new location, whether a ground up or a new transformation. Splash helps improve the chances for a successful carwash investment by experienced site evaluation, design, & management.

#3 Make your Location a Splash

Splash Management has successfully managed car wash properties for former operators or investors providing a complete turnkey operation. Splash handles all aspects of running the site from hiring and training to bookkeeping and advertising. Splash's Team of managers, trainers and mechanics work to ensure that managed properties consistently operate at their highest level of performance.


Not every Car Wash location can become a Splash. There are many criteria that Splash has developed over the years to help properly assess car wash sites. If your location fits the Splash template, becoming a Splash location is a great way to help ensure your success. Let us evaluate your location and let you know what we can do for you.