For every one of our communities throughout Connecticut and New York Splash finds a local organization or cause to give our time and effort to. The issues and problems in each town or city can differ greatly and in being part of each community we try to adapt to help solve those problems. It is through the efforts of the employees and volunteers of that organization that the local community benefits and we here at Splash spare no end to support them. With that in mind Splash was happy to donate to and support the Shelton Safe Home in our own town of Shelton, Ct.

Shelton Safe Home is a part of Family & Children's Aid, which has been active in the community since the 1890's when it began as the CT Children's Aid Society. This agency has been a refuge for abused and neglected children who are without protection, without parental support and without - tragically - hope. More than just offering the basic human rights of food, clothing and shelter, FCA strives to heal and support Connecticut's children and families by meeting a higher level of need, teaching them about respect, compassion and trust.

Splash’s donation will go towards improving the moral and day to day life of some of these kids. With trips or toys for the children , we would also very much like to thank the employees of Family & Children's Aid for making our home towns a better place. 

Shelton Safe Home