Local lore has it that keen foresight compelled Walter Brewster to purchase more than 100 acres here back in the mid-1800s.

Main Street was closed to traffic and pedestrians, ponies and a pedicab took over as the dreary morning skies gave way to a smattering of afternoon sun. Booths championing assorted causes lined the street. Among those represented were restaurants, retail stores and community-service groups. Those included the Cheerful Chess for Charity booth ("win, lose or draw, we keep your money"), supporting the local food pantry and homeless shelter, and the Brewster Public Library, as well as a handful of churches.

Bob's Diner, soon to observe its 53rd anniversary, offered snacks of banana chocolate-chip pancakes and black-bean salsa to visitors. JB's Barbeque dished up pulled-pork sandwiches while across the street La Guadalupana served grilled corn on the cob seasoned with lime juice.

Kids bounced from the inflatable house to the minicarousel to the lavender-wigged clown who created balloon swords, monkeys and heart flowers for youngsters.

Amanda Mihalco sampled just about everything that would appeal to an 8-year-old and was particularly impressed with the magic show in the Southeast Museum.

Splash Car Wash also made an appearance with a booth and free spins of its prize wheel. With balloons for the kids and car wash coupons for the adults

"It was very cool," said the Patterson resident.

In a tribute to those who served and continue to serve in the armed forces, a Blue Star plaque was unveiled in front of the train station. Sponsored by the Brewster-Carmel Garden Club, the presentation of the plaque brought politicians, Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 672 members, a Marine color guard and Civil War re-enactors to the depot.

Now in its 17th year, the Founder's Day fair was initially established by the Coalition for a Better Brewster Inc. to address a downturn in the district.

"We started the group of mostly business people and local concerned citizens when there were a lot of empty stores," said the coalition's president, Mark Buzzetto.