Welcome to the Peanut Gallery

Splash Car Wash, located at 186 Westport Avenue in Norwalk, is welcoming visitors to the “Peanut Gallery” – literally. Local artist, Steve Richardson, is displaying his artwork in the lobby of the car wash. Richardson carves works of art out of peanut shells, a craft he learned while in accounting class.

“As we learned the proper rules of depreciation, my attention span was depreciating at an accelerated pace. I soon found myself using a safety pin to pick away at half a peanut shell. I passed the course and took away a new art form”, stated Richardson.

Paul Clark, Creative Director at Splash, added, “Splash is proud to support our local artists by giving them a place to show their works and communicate with the community.” Richardson’s art will be on display at the Norwalk Splash location now through the end of March.

Richardson stated, “It’s nice in the current economy to say I work with peanuts and not for them.”

For more information, please contact Mark Curtis or Paul Clark at 203-324-5400, or Steve Richardson at bright_eyedeas@yahoo.com.