Splash Car Wash mention in WSJ !

We here at Splash are very proud to have been mentioned in a recent article in the Wall Street Journal.

This piece focused on the value of car wash brands and service nationwide. Without our knowledge, the reporters visited four car wash chains across the country to and tested their services. One of the sites they chose was our White Plains location. We think they liked what they saw. In fact, we think they like it so much they wrote …

“At $13.99, Splash's "Full Service Wash" was the best value of the washes we tried”

There is more! They also said …

“We went inside to pay, and within 10 minutes the once-muddy car emerged looking great. Men with towels dabbed away drops of water not blown off by air jets. They cleaned the windows inside and out and, best of all, wiped the inside of the door frames.”

We would just like to thank our entire staff for the effort they put out every day to make this kind of review possible. No matter who you are your car deserves a better car wash.

You can read the entire article here