Team Africa

Splash Car Wash is proud to help support Team Africa in their on going efforts in Damana. This last month we hosted a Sunday event fundraiser just a few days before the team headed off to Africa. Though the day started out with patchy weather after lunch the sun showed itself and we were able to pull off a nice event. Here is more information on the project.

“Four years ago, CMS successfully funded a schoolhouse for the village of Damana, Mali. Previously the children crammed into a tiny mud building or were taught under a nearby tree.

The school is now running successfully, however the children face other hardships. Located in the dry Sahel in West Africa, water is a precious commodity. We hope to further aid these villagers through construction of a well. The people in Damana currently struggle with diseases such as intestinal parasites, dysentery, and diarrhea. A new well will provide clean drinking water, and allow the students to flourish in their education, unhindered by these major health issues”

“Yes, weather could have been a little better, but a lease it did not rain. Great time a splash car wash in Darien. I feel that when you do a good job, people need to be recognized and appreciated. We appreciated your team at Splash.” Laurie Martinoli, Team Africa