Splash Car Wash Car Care Experts Offer Tips to Winterize Your Vehicle

- Twelve Simple Steps to Help Maintain Mint Car Condition and Optimize Safety This Winter -

With the official first day of winter quickly approaching on December 21, now is the time to prepare for the season and there’s more to getting ready for winter than digging out the winter coats and sleds. Cold and snow are harsh on cars so savvy drivers prepare for the season’s challenges by winter-proofing their vehicles. Splash Car Wash co-owner and car care expert, Mark Curtis, helps breakdown the process into three simple prep steps to make it painless to protect your car’s condition and optimize your safety this winter.

Splash Car Wash, the leading car care company in Fairfield, Westchester and Putnam counties with over twenty-eight years of experience, reminds car owners of the importance of winterizing their cars each year. Just a few simple steps can reduce the impact of winter on your car; helping to keep driving hassle-free and to maintain the integrity of your vehicle.

Prep Under the Hood:

  • * Have your battery load-tested and serviced—this helps ensure your battery holds a charge. Very important when trying to start your car in the cold!
  • * Switch to a winter-blend washer fluid—this blend helps to prevent it from freezing.
  • * Check your oil—you may need to change dirty oil or adjust viscosity grade to ensure proper lubrication of the engine in the cold.
  • * Check your radiator’s antifreeze levels—the optimal mix is 50-50 antifreeze to water.

Prep The Exterior:

  • * Check your tires—now is the time to change over to your winter tires and check your tire pressures to ensure proper inflation.
  • * Change your windshield wiper blades—to make sure you get a clean wipe across the windshield which improves vision while driving through snow and rain.
  • * Apply a coat of wax—to protect paint surfaces from sand and salt damage. The wax also makes snow and ice removal easier.
  • * Wash your car regularly—removing winter dirt and salt from your car prevents scratches and damage to the car's finish. To avoid rust, make sure your washes include a rust-inhibiting undercarriage wash.

Prep The Interior:

  • * Swap in rubber floor mats—to protect carpeting from snow and sand brought in on shoes.
  • * Test your window defrosters—ensure proper function before the winter storm season begins.
  • * Stock the trunk for snow removal—place an ice scraper and soft bristled snow brush in your trunk to be prepared to remove snow from your car away from home. If planning to drive in mountains, add a set of tire chains and traction pads to your trunk.
  • * Carry a lock de-icer—add this small tool to your purse or briefcase to be prepared in the event your locks freeze. Storage in the glove compartment isn’t recommended.