Wash Away Thirst, an initiative that began in Atlanta, is a campaign to bring nearly one billion people worldwide clean water. Now it's spreading from state-to-state, and up and down the east coast. Right here in Middle Georgia, one local car wash has joined the quest to quench thirst.

"Water is a precious commodity and we as a car wash are very cognizant of that and we use recall systems and recycle our water," says Al Baggarly, owner, Speed Wash.

Every car he washes helps Baggarly "Wash Away Thirst" worldwide. The initiative is simple, one cent from each car washed gives one day of water to one thirsty person.

"Every customer we have coming through here are contributing to this thing, in a different kind of way."

Every day about 300 cars come through one of Baggarly's car washes, if you do the math, that's more than 100,000 people he's helping to give clean drinking water to each year. Speed Wash is one of nearly 100 car washes in the state of Georgia and along the east coast that is making a splash in this campaign.

"I never thought it would be anything more than what we were going to do at our locations," says Wash Away Thirst founder, Jim Dudley.

He says this initiative is flooding the east coast.

"People are hearing about it, from all over and they want to be a part of it."

"You know sometimes it doesn't take but just a little bit from a lot of people, and that's what this is all about," says Baggarly.

Visit www.washawaythirst.org? for more information on you can donate or join this initiative.