Splash Car Wash Gives to Wilton Teen Center

During the Holiday Season Splash Car Wash teams with local organizations so we can help effect real change by giving to those close to home. Organizations like the Wilton Teen Center in Wilton,CT

As Splash Car Wash continues to celebrate it’s 30th anniversary year we can’t help but reflect that our charitable attitudes started with donations to the local Greenwich ARC. We were so blown away by the positive response that we made such donations a company policy every since. In every new town we opened in we would look for a great local organization to partner with.

Every Holiday season when you purchase a Splash Gift Card or Gift Certificate from our Wilton, CT location you are helping Splash Car Wash prepare a gift for Wilton’s own Wilton Teen Center . From every gift purchase a percentage is set aside as a donation. We are proud to announce that this year alone we have given a total donation of $1,530 to the Wilton Teen Center.

The objective of Trackside Teen Center is to promote healthy age-appropriate development for teens and pre-teens in Wilton. This is achieved by providing an environment designed to develop positive social skills and social competence, foster moral development, and enhance self-esteem - all of which are related to reduced risk-taking behavior, academic success, and healthy interpersonal relationships.

For more on Wilton Teen Center visit http://www.trackside.org/
For more on Splash Car Wash visit http://www.splashcarwashes.com

From Left to right: Brett Beatty - Program Director, Pam O'Neil, Rachel Schultz, Sara Stang, David Gumins, Mark Curtis- Splash CEO