This holiday season will truly be a memorable one for the hundreds of children expected to visit Santa Setti’s Christmas Village on Midwood Road in Norwalk this Christmas Eve, thanks to the support of Norwalk neighbors and businesses.

What started out as one family’s idea to raise money to help the Setti’s celebrate their 25th year became an even bigger success by inspiring local businesses to help

In addition to the funds raised online, which would have covered the cost of about 300 teddy bears, two local businesses are providing donations of hundreds more stuffed animals.

Dawn Monteiro received her first call from Paul Clark of Splash Car Wash who saw the story in the news and said that they would be happy to donate stuffed animals from their inventory. ‘ We are really happy to help this long time Norwalk resident and very clear lover of the Christmas season”

I never ever envisioned it getting this big," Rick Setti said. "It's a lot of work, but it gives me a lot of pleasure. I love to see the kids running around. Joanie and I have five kids between us and five grandkids, but they are spread out. So when kids come running through the yard, they're all my kids."

Dawn then received another call, this time from Jerry Petrini,  owner of My Three Son’s Family Fun Center and a very good friend of Rick Setti. He told Dawn he wanted to purchase 500 stuffed animals for their project as well as a fundraiser. on December 22 when all proceeds from Laser Tag, Balladium and Kiddytown Gym will be donated to the Setti’s. From 11-1 you will also be able to take your picture with Santa.