Sponsor a kid in your own community! You are not just funding a fee; you’re funding a future, a talent undiscovered, a chance to press play on a dream that will move a child forward.

We want to find kids behind the fence and put them back on the bench, in a league of their dreams. Organized sports are the future of many kids’ social skills, confidence, and high spirits, but too many miss the opportunity to put a glove on their hand or cleats on their feet. Too many families cannot afford the equipment or registration fees, but know how big their kids’ dream. That’s why WEBE108 has teamed up with our clients and our community of listeners to collect pre-played sports equipment and donations to raise the spirits of our youth. We want to put the dream back in teams and we need your help!

To make a donation, click here. If you know a kid that needs to get back in the game, write us at playitforward@webe108.com

Checks can be sent to:

WEBE108 Pay It Forward
2 Lafayette Square
Bridgeport, CT 06604
Please check back for a list of drop-off stations in your area!